• Global Sports Forum: Barcelona buzzing

    Date: 2011.03.09 | Kristian Gotsch | Category: General

    The Global Sports Forum got off to a great start this evening with a reception where delegates, speakers, bloggers and others had a chance to meet and greet.

    As a first timer at the Global Sports Forum,  it quickly became clear to me that there is a buzz in town around the event. Not only are event banners noticeable throughout the city, but the atmosphere around the congress center is one of anticipation for what is going to take place the next few days.

    What hit me the most, however, was the mix of people who will be discussing “sport: what’s next” at the Global Sports Forum. I am not only talking nationalities but in particular backgrounds and focus areas. Out of many people tonight, I for example met Pierre. Pierre and his company are running projects for kids with dissabilities around the world using the power of sport for social change. Later I had a chat with Trish, who is putting together a great event to promote South Africa as a location for sports events, training camps etc. I also spoke to others working within sports sponsorships and technology and although the focus areas of this small sample of attendees differ significantly, they had a few things in common.

    First of all, they all believe sport is key – whether it concerns development, community work, sponsorship deals or tourism. Second of all, they are all very excited to see what this event – where people with all sort of backgrounds and ideas – will bring them?

    It is definitely too early to start answering that last question – but over the next two days we bloggers will bring you the latest and greatest from the Global Sports Forum in relation to exactly WHAT this event brings to the table in relation to the future of sport.

    Stay tuned and don’t hesitate to leave a note if there is anything special on your mind or a topic you would like to see covered.