• Global Sports Forum: What do the delegates think?

    Date: 2011.03.10 | Kristian Gotsch | Category: General

    The Global Sports Forum is in full swing and a broad variety of presentations and discussions have already taken place. The list of presentors is impressive, but in order to get some input and feedback on the event so far, I decided to speak directly to a number of delegates/attendees here in Barcelona on their experience so far.

    I started out with a great conversation with Paulo from SportMultiMedia, a company focusing on new media. He expressed his enthusiasm not only about the topics directly related to his field of expertise, but also to the other topics being covered. Using the word “eye opening” about how wide of an impact sports has in society overall summarizes not only Paulo’s comments  but also the views of several other delegates I spoke to.

    Dermot, from MagnaMedia, emphasized the ever increasing  importance of sport in relation to the future of media. Sport content is the most interesting content to the world. It offers constant content in the shape of news, rumours, events etc. This increased importance of sport content in society means that businesses (e.g. media organizations, online businesses, news sources) all need to further strengthen their focus on sport in the future to stay competitive.

    The chat I had with Daniel, from Grupo Arsenal, quicly turned into a focus on how technology will impact sport at all levels moving forward? Whether it is big football clubs reaching out to fans globally or smaller sports benefitting from cost effective means of communication. Daniel had enjoyed all sessions so far and emphasized the broad range of topics as an important element of the Global Sports Forum.

    As already mentioned in a previous blog post, one of the unique things here at the Global Sports Forum is the variety of backgrounds of people at the event. Attendees from all over the world are joining the discussion about “Sport: what’s next?  and certainly also picking up on the organizers’opening remarks; “relationships are everything”. Pascal, from Imbewu, sees the event as a great opportunity to meet new people. Coming all the way from South Africa, he was excited to have the opportunity to connect with people with a wide range of interests within the world of sport.

    Common to everyone I have spoken to so far is continous excitement; not only excitement about the presentors but excitement about the topics, excitement about the networking possibilities and most importantly excitement about getting and generating more answers to the question Sport: What’s Next?