• Sport: What’s next? – GSFB

    Date: 2011.03.05 | Kristian Gotsch | Category: General

    The third edition of the Global Sports Forum is about to start in Barcelona. The theme is “Sport: What’s Next” and looking at the line up of speakers and attendees, it looks like a great forum where people with different ideas, backgrounds and interests will get an opportunity to present, share and discuss their ideas about the future of sports.

    I am personally very excited to have been selected to be part of the event, which I’ll be blogging about together with fellow bloggers; Russel Scibetti (@rscibetti), Cédric Gründler (@CedGrun), Lourdes Turconi (@lourdes_turconi) and Jonathan Müller (@dersportmanager).

    Where will sports be in 10 years? What impact will technology have on sports in the future? etc …..there are hundreds if not thousands of questions of these types of questions that will be addressed at the event.

    Before the event gets started, however, I think it has already illustrated one clear trend in sports, namely globalization. People from all over the world will attend the event and just looking at us bloggers, there is no way we would have been given this opportunity if it hadn’t been for technology and globalization. What is interesting about those two reasons, is that they are not limited to the world of sport but apply to society in general. After having given that some thought it became clear to me, that the biggest changes to sports in the future will not happen because of sport itself but rather because of changes in the greater world, in which sport is a part of. The interesting question is which elements and how these will impact sports – and vice versa, how will/could sport influence society as a whole?

    For this blog in particular, the big questions will be; what will these new trends and developments mean to the fan and how will it influence the relationship between a fan and a club? I look forward to explore and discuss these topics next week and to blog about it here at Loyalsticity as well as the GSFB blog.

    For anyone else with an interest in the future of sports, there is a section on the GSFB website which provides articles about a range of sports related matters (e.g. Sports and Politics, Sports and Media), which I would highly recommend – check it out HERE