• The official GSFB bloggers have been chosen! Here are the lucky few…

    Date: 2011.03.03 | Mathieu Badier | Category: General

    In this 3rd edition of the Global Sports Forum Barcelona, whose theme is “Sport, what’s next?”, we wanted to include the voice of the digital era’s most influential people: bloggers.

    In the search for our official bloggers, the GSFB team received 27 applications and we thank them all for their interest and motivation. Although the decision was difficult to make, only five applications were successful.

    So, let us introduce you to the bloggers who will join the Global Sports Forum Barcelona team from 9th to 11th March 2011!

    Jonathan Muller from Der Sport Manager (Germany) – http://dersportmanager.wordpress.com

    Jonathan_Mller“Being one of the five official GSFB Bloggers is like a dream come true. I studied Sports Management, run a Blog which covers the intersection of Social Media and Sport and work for the German Olympic Sports Confederation in that sector. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity which I truly appreciate.

    I´m really excited to give insights from the Global Sports Forum and provide some interesting stories to the readers of TrendsinSports. Especially through the interviews with the speakers. Of course I´m looking forward to talk shop with the Sport Business folks, all the more if it covers social media and sport.”

    Kristian Gotsch from Loyalsticity (Netherlands) – http://www.loyalsticity.com

    Kristian_Gotsch“Looking at the line up up speakers and the theme of GSFB, I expect the event to bring forward lots of new ideas and insight into where the world of sports is heading. Big changes are happening in technology, media rights, social media, event management,fan engagement etc. which will all influence the world of sports tomorrow – and beyond. The mix of speakers and attendees in relation to background and focus will provide the basis for a great forum to generate, challenge and influence ideas and thereby the future trends in sports. As a blogger I am excited – and honored – to be part of this event where it will all come together.”

    Russell Scibetti from the Business of Sports (United States) – http://www.thebusinessofsports.com

    Russell_Scibetti“I am very excited for the opportunity to attend the Global Sports Forum. I have been running my sports business blog (thebusinessofsports.com) for almost three years now, but my experience and industry topics have been primarily focused on U.S. sports. Attending this event will allow me to expand my coverage to more global scale and communicate with the international sports business community. The “What’s Next” trends in sports theme of this year’s conference is also quite interesting. We are definitely in the midst of a transitional period driven by technology’s impact on the fan experience. The more we can all learn now, the more prepared we will be as an industry as this period of innovation progresses.”

    Cedric Gründler from le Marketing Sportif (France) - http://lemarketingsportif.com

    Cdric_Grndler“A marketing and sports sponsorship blogger since 2006, I launched lemarketingsportif.com in January 2008 so that I could share my love of the business side of sport with as many people as possible. Whether it is through the study of media campaigns, the promotion of sport in the media, the activation of sponsorships, or the use of social networking (my new favourite), I try to analyse the raw information and give my opinion on the current state of sports marketing.

    After two and a half years working for a Media Relations agency, last April I became Community Manager for a sports marketing firm, working with clients like Intersport, PlayStation and even Reebok.”

    Lourdes Turconi from SpainSportsNetwork (Spain) – http://spainsportsnetwork.com

    Lourdes_Turconi_“For those of us who could not imagine life without sport and who at the same time are committed to improving the world we live in, the chance to help maximise the potential of the GSFB was an opportunity not to be missed. As an Official Blogger, I am thrilled to be responsible for communicating the opinions of the experts to the virtual community, to discover that the situations they are discussing are within our reach, that the issues that are being addressed and the solutions proposed require interdependent and cooperative involvement in order to progress and multiply.”